1. Innovative ideas? We didn’t have them for the first time today

    René Näf, Vice President, Strategic Development

  2. Organisation – no problem for an active girl scout

    Danièle Turkier, Marketing Manager

  3. Precision means not to leave anything to chance

    Kim Arnold, Sales Application Tools

  4. It’s a special art to create efficient tool solutions

    Daniel Geiregger, Administration Manager HFO

  5. Complete machining through our special tools

    Claus Epting, Production Foreman



  • URMA staff

    the key to a successful production in Switzerland

    In the current economic and political climate the success of a production company in Switzerland is no longer guaranteed. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Swiss manufacturers to remain profitable.

    In the light of these difficulties having a good team is ever more important.  URMA …

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