URMA at AMB, September 18 - 22, 2018


Just in time for AMB, URMA is presenting a real innovation with its new SMAG app. The Smart Machining Application Guide (SMAG) App will help companies obtain the necessary cutting data for their parts machining with RX reamers.


The Smart Machining Application Guide App is very helpful for all production managers working with RX reamers. The core element of the app is a cutting data computer which immediately provides reliable cutting data for all RX reamers. This eliminates the time-consuming search for all necessary information from the catalogues. Within no time, every customer will know the ideal spindle speed, maximum feed rate, and machining dimensions.

Helpful SMAG App Suggests Inserts
However, the intelligent app can do even more. After checking the general conditions and customer requirements, it suggests an appropriate RX reaming insert which is particularly suitable for the desired machining operation.

In addition, the URMA Reaming and URMA Boring System catalogues are now electronically available in the app. If you like, you can interactively click through the two catalogues and easily compare products yourself. 

Metal Hole Making For Every Need
The URMA stand (3B90) with its current product range is located in Hall 3. Discover URMA's innovative system solutions covering all metal hole making needs in machining, be it drilling, boring or reaming. URMA solutions are known for their high quality and easy handling. The high-precision RX reaming tools are used all over the world.

Visit URMA from September 18 - 22 at AMB at booth 3B90 and we will be happy to show you the URMA App. It will surely make the use of URMA reaming solutions even easier and faster.