URMA staff

the key to a successful production in Switzerland

In the current economic and political climate the success of a production company in Switzerland is no longer guaranteed. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Swiss manufacturers to remain profitable.

In the light of these difficulties having a good team is ever more important.  URMA knows how to handle productivity with SMART FATORY, its version of the German “Industry 4.0”. Its key objetive is to create an optimal and up-to-date factory. URMA enthusiastically endorses SMART FACTORY by supporting its employees, encourages them to adapt the URMA spirit and by actively promoting innovation.

Next to the mechanical apprenticeship URMA also supports the Swiss dual education. This educational concept of industrial training and classical higher education has been a successful solution within this difficult working environment and is also a good way for URMA to honor the potential it sees within the team.

The young and talented team at URMA makes a difference and is the key to a successful production in Switzerland.